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The Beauty of Happy Valley

Sally Wainwright's Happy Valley, its third and final series being aired now, is centred on Hebden Bridge and the Calder Valley.

Below are two groups of images, first images of Hebden Bridge, followed by nearby locations in the Calder Valley.

Contact Mick Ryan for use at If you select the images you would like to use I can write captions, extended or otherwise.

There is an example caption below.

All images © Mick Ryan 2023.

Caption for above: The top and bottom houses (aka up and over houses) above Stubbing school, built on the steep slopes of Birchcliffe. Usually four stories high, with the lower house of two floors (with its back to earth) were entered from the valley side, with the top two floors entered from the hill side. The chimney belongs to the 700-year old Hebden Bridge Mill by St George's Square. If it wasn't for locals and offcumden hippies in the Sixties and Seventies, these houses would have been demolished.

Close by to Hebden Bridge below

First: Heptonstall




Landscapes of Hebden Bridge below, often featuring Stoodley Pike.

Yoga instructor Donna Southwell amongst the cottongrass on Heptonstall moor. There are now more yoga instructors in Hebden Bridge than drug dealers, that's quite a turn around, people used to say that Hebden Bridge was a drug town with a tourist problem.


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